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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy New Hemisphere!!

Yesterday right about this time we crossed the equator! Officially Shellbacks. I think you are supposed to pierce your ear or something like that when you cross, but I already have 2 in each side, so I figure I am good for another 3 crossings.

Following proper seafarer tradition, we held a ceremony to the Ocean Gods Poseidon and Neptune. We sacrificed a bottle of Sailor Jerry's rum under the request of fair winds and calm seas the rest of the way to the Marquesas, and drank a bit of rum ourselves. I made an offering of my favorite tea, Zealong Dark Oolong- grown in New Zealand- to ensure our safe passage to New Zealand. We also sent out the hat of a fallen friend, Jeff Abbey, to the sea, although he will remain in our hearts forever.

Alas, this occasion was well-celebrated. Now, I want to get there. I am really tired of sailing. I am tired to constant motion; rolling, rocking, pitching; having to hold on while I eat, sleep, pee, cook, clean. I am tired of waking up every night at midnight to do a 3 hour watch; I am tired of constantly feeling grimy and salty. Wahh wahhh wahh. I know I am whining, but I am pretty sure you would be too.

I keep telling myself that we are almost there, and every day that becomes more true. 603 more miles to go. Does that sound like a lot? Maybe it is, but compared to 2,700, its not too bad.
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