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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Few Stats

Who has two thumbs and likes arriving in New Zealand? Thiiiss girrrll.

10 months 13 days, 10,351 miles and 6 countries later, we have arrived in New Zealand. GIGGITY!

There is a general atmosphere of euphoria on the docks here in Opua as sailboats arrive into the calm waters and safe port. Yes, we are all very stoked to be here.

A few stats:

10,351 miles -- well -- 8,995 nautical miles, but 10,351 land miles sounds better.

7 countries: Mexico, French Polynesia (Marquesas, Tuamotus, Society Islands), Cook Islands (Suwarrow), American Samoa, Western Samoa, Tonga (Vava'u, Ha'apai, Tongatapu), and New Zealand.

Top speed: 14 knots

Longest passage: Punta de Mita, Mexico to Hiva Oa, Marquesas -- 18 days, 4 hours and 2,700 nautical miles (approx.).

Nastiest passage: Bora Bora to Suwarrow -- 12-15 foot seas and 25-30 knot winds, 735 nm.

Highest winds: 38 knots -- bashing into from Cabo to Frailes in Baja, Mex.

Warmest water: 85.4 degrees.

Warmest temp recorded in the cabin: 101.5 degrees.

# of books read: 36. A few favorites -- "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts, "Pride and Prejudice" by Austen, "Call of the Wild" and "The Sea Wold" by Jack London, "White Tiger" by Aravind Aviga, "Wolf Hall" by Hillary Martel, "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Twain, and "Getting Stoned with Savages" by Maarten Troost.

# of parasites contracted: unknown.

# of haircuts: 0, but I am in dire need of one.

# of times real shoes worn: 4.

# of different ports/anchorages visited: hella.

# of life-long friends made: hella.

Monetary value of a trip like this: PRICELESS.

Hahahaha... sorry... cheesy, I know, but I couldn't resist.

: )

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