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Monday, August 27, 2012

California Love

Retro day at No Surf

Hello, hello, hello.  It's been a long time - I know.  Did you miss me?  Probably not.  In fact chances are good that I saw you recently.  Between a trip to San Francisco, my sister's wedding, multiple days spent at the beach and many a long night at the bars, I feel as though I have been taking full advantage of everything California has to offer - the company of family and friends foremost.

In all honesty I have had a serious case of writer's block.  My brain has had a 10 million thought pile-up.  It is almost as though when the vast and empty blue sky of the islands was replaced with 10 lane freeways and beaches packed shoulder to shoulder with Americans from all walks of life, my brain went into survival mode.  This involved drinking copious amounts of alcohol, smoking tons (okay, maybe just ounces), watching ridiculously stupid reality TV shows ("Storage Wars" really?) and surfing one foot windslop waves with 100 of my best friends.

This being said, I am blown away with California and the United States in general.  What a country.  The opportunities are incredible.  The amount of wealth that ebbs and flows through here is mind boggling.  The U.S. has it all - from the Republican National Convention to Burning Man - it is one of the most heterogenous societies on Earth.  Never a dull moment.

As you can see, there are all sorts of topics and ideas bouncing around in my mind that I would love to convey, but when I try, come out as convoluted ramblings.  Sorry.  I'll try to stick to the main points.

My sister got married!  I have a brother-in-law!  Not only do Caity and Danny make a smashing couple, but I had an absolute blast at their wedding.  I think everybody did.  It was an awesome excuse  for the family to come together, eat, drink and celebrate.  My only qualm is that it was too short - I think a whole week of festivities would have been more appropriate.  Regardless it was most excellent to see family I have not seen in years and might not see for another few.  Fun fact: Danny's dad (Mr. Woodruff) was my eighth grade algebra teacher.

Caity and Danny got married a month ago.  What have I been doing for the past month since then?  Chillin' to the max.  Spending time with friends.  Playing tour guide for out-of-town friends and family. Surfing.  Buying and selling surfboards.  Playing music.  Hanging out at No Surf.  Partying.  Eating amazing Mexican food.  Enjoying the California life.

Jamming on ukuleles with Dylan in Ocean Beach, SF.

I do not know what I did to deserve this life.  But I have it and intend to enjoy it to the fullest, which is why I am flying back to Fiji in three days.  And while I really love California and appreciate it more than ever, I am so stoked to be going back to the south Pacific.  Sometimes it takes leaving a place to appreciate it to its fullest, which is a bit ironic, no?

Like I said before, I apologize for the incoherent ramblings.  I am trying to break my writer's block.  I just wanted to get you all caught up on the excellent intermission that has been the past two months in California before you are once again bombarded with images of fiery sunsets, black-tipped sharks and mean reef passes.  And if I was lucky enough to spend some time with you while I was home, the memories of the good times we had together will keep a smile on my face when the seas get rough.

Bula vinaka!

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