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Monday, September 2, 2013

It's All Good

Sailing away from paradise is no easy feat, but after nearly a week at Taka Bone Rate we finally tore ourselves away. Everybody else left, the fresh food is running out, the Bintang has run out, there is decent wind to get us to our next destination and, frankly, I think we are all ready for a bit of 'civilization'.

Paradise definitely has its high points: the epic sunsets on the beach with cold beer and good friends, kayaking back to the boat after dark leaving an insane trail of bioluminescence in the water rivaled only by the insane amount of stars in the sky… is that a band of clouds? No - no that is the Milky Way and we are staring into the spiral of our galaxy… You could get lost in it forever.

The awesomeness of the sky is rivaled only by the awesomeness of the underwater world - the thriving reefs and exotic and strange corals, fish, anemones, nudibranchs, sharks, turtles… Once again you could get lost in it forever. But sooner or later the warm, white sand beach beckons and a coconut is cracked open, the water refreshing and the meat tender and sweet.

Think I have gone troppo yet? I probably would have had we stayed longer, but as I said, we left this morning. We are now anchored on Pekangkang Island as a stop-over before we sail to Labuan Bajo tomorrow (think Komodo Dragons!). There are signs of civilization here, foremost being the cell towers that occasionally emit service. It is too bad that there is not enough bandwidth to upload pictures and I sincerely apologize but promise I will post photos someday.

I am excited to get to the southern islands. It will mark the second chapter of Sail Indonesia. In Labuan Bajo all ninety boats will meet up - those that did the western route as well as us intrepid sailors that took the road less traveled - and make a massive party as yachties are known to do. It also marks getting into the more touristy part of Indonesia and personally I am looking forward to a little more western influence. Call me a hypocrite or whatever you want, but I would love to drink a beer without feeling like I am deeply offending somebody. And a cheeseburger. I'd love a cheeseburger. I hope with all the resorts in the Komodo area I can get both.

Yes, life is good. Changing, as always, but so far it's been good. It's all good.
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