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Monday, January 31, 2011

Unos Fotos

Hello, my friends. Many of you have been asking me to post more photos to my blog. Whereas I would love to post a few with every entry, the internet here particularly with uploading images. However, for you, buen amigo, I will make it happen. Enjoy!

Wendaway (Uncle Mark and Aunt Wendy's boat) and Rutea (our boat). It was fun having them as neighbors for a few days.

Que colores! La Cruz has a great Sunday market where you can get delicious foods and beautiful artwork, clothing, hats. This is the nuts and candy stand. Best candied walnuts here.


Boat maintenance! During this project I learned how to solder wires, use a volt meter, take apart a bilge pump and swear like a !@#$% sailor (although I'm still working on the last one).

Some fierce sailing action out in Banderas Bay. Fun!!!!

I hope you enjoy these few glimpses into my life... wish you were here! I have an album on Facekook with more pictures... check 'em out if you wanna!

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  1. Great pics Cor, checking your blog has become a daily ritual at the Stone house.