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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tangent of my Inner Monologue

I usually wait until I have something to post about before I write here, but as with the pictures, I have been getting requests to update my blog more often (flattering). Thus, I shall write aimlessly until my true brilliance shines through all the mumble-jumble.

I am currently reading Moby Dick, by Herman Melville. Go ahead, make your jokes, but in spite of the overly-verbose victorian style of writing, it really is a masterpiece, although it is taking me a while to get through. With quotes like, "Better to sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian," how could it not be a masterpiece?

Sometimes when I read a book my inner monologue (which is essentially what this blog is) starts to sound like the books I read. Please forgive me if I go off on an 8 page tangent describing the whiteness of a whale. Captain Ahab has somewhat of a legitimate obsession with Moby Dick, as the whale bit off his leg. If a whale bit off my leg I might follow it to the ends of the earth to seek my revenge.

I still have both my legs and no revenge to seek, however in a few weeks time I will be sailing to the ends of the earth. Or at least what feels like the end of the earth. The Pacific ocean is unfathomably huge, in fact the hugest "thing" on earth, and we intend to cross it at a cruising speed of, oh, say, 6 mph. French Polynesia alone covers almost 1 million square miles of ocean, with about 1,600 square miles of land. I'm no mathematician, but the ratio of ocean to land is huge. Good thing we have a GPS.

Our plan is to leave Banderas Bay any time from mid-March to early April. We will conveniently be avoiding hurricane season in both hemispheres. Hurricane season is during our winter for the southern hemisphere, and during our summer for northern hemi. While I have heard that the surf is absolutely epic around here during the summer, hurricanes and boats don't mix. Or at least try not to.

This means that I have 6 weeks (give or take a few) to absorb as much of Mexico as I can: greasy street tacos, mariachi music, fresh fruit, the spanish language, margaritas, gallo, fairly forgiving reef breaks, all of the friends I have made, and of course the many virtues of Banderas Bay.

Which brings me to my final point. I have never experienced a more friendly and open surf community than here. I am the first person to go on and on about the awesomeness of surfers, but let's face it, surfers can be assholes. Especially when tourists are constantly coming to surf your waves, localism can get ugly. But here, and particularly at Punta Mita, the locals are genuinely stoked on all surfers (more or less). As long as you respect, they welcome you. I am sure they cut me some slack because I am a girl, but even the American guys I befriended agree: las surfistas locales de Mita son muy chidos (the locals at Mita are very cool).

Have I sold you on Mexico yet? There are a ton of Americans and Canadians that live here... and from what I can see they live well. I'm not saying you should move here, but if you are considering a vacation, this is one kick-ass country. Especially for all you California folk, its in your backyard! But then again, so is the whole world.


  1. Yup. I agree. More blog, even if you think it's boring. Let your fans be the judge of that.

  2. Corie - I SO agree with you about Mexico and I love your blogging, so keep it up...