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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Road Trippin' Pt.2

Crescent Head, NSW

I apologize for the lack of photos to go along with this post, but I have since gone out of internet range and am back on old fashioned sailmail. Hopefully someday I will catch up and get the opportunity to describe the awesomeness of this beautiful atoll we are currently anchored at -- Lady Musgrave Island. In the meantime:

Yes, after a few action packed days in Byron Bay it was time to move on. Unfortunately Emma could not join us on our venture south and we parted ways, but not before she made sure we were on the right road heading in the right direction. Yes, FemPurr was on the move. Our next destination was a little place called Crescent Head, of which I had never heard anything about, and reasonably so. Crescent Head is a tiny little town with a tiny little main street out in the middle of the New South Wales coastline. Annette and Sara heard about the place from a guy they met somewhere in Asia who grew up there and said the surf is good. Enough said.

After driving for hours and meticulously following the speed limit (although apparently not close enough as we were sent a ticket captured by a speeding camera a week later) we arrived in Crescent Head some six hours later. Not only is Australia a huge freaking country, but the roads don't hold a candle to, say, I-5. In spite of my whinging it was a beautiful drive (until it got dark, then it got a little scary).

Makes me wonder how many of these sweet little points are along the east coast of Oz.  I am thinking hundreds.

We arrived to our campsite in the dark, only to be greeted by a beautiful little point break in the morning. We spent the day on the beach talking, surfing and enjoying the scenery. It was around this time that Annette made the huge decision to accept Colombia University's offer to attend classes fall semester. Thus, she needed to use internet. We had spent the morning trying to find some place with wi-fi, and believe it or not, there still exist entire towns in which wi-fi is not available. Crazy, hey? It might have been refreshing had she not been trying to contact universities and other important people, but alas, it was kind of a pain in the ass.

Annette managed to get a bit of business sorted while Sara and I goofed off, which may or may not have been a general theme of the trip. Another theme of the trip was eating, and we always ate well. For our second night in Crescent Head I decided to make a kangaroo chili. Kangaroo is really cheap here, and while the steaks tend to be lean and tough, I thought the mince (ground) kangaroo might be better. And really, it wasn't bad. It just tasted a bit.. off. Kangaroo tastes similar to beef, but even under the disguise of heaps of chili spices it was still a little on the strange side. Annette and Sara humored me and told me how good it was, although we ended up throwing the leftovers away. A valiant effort if I do say so.

The next morning we woke up ready to drive to Sydney. However, the swell had picked up to solid head-high overnight and the girls were easy going enough to wait around while I surfed for a bit. The point was still kind of small so I opted to paddle across the river and surf the beach break, which began my career as (attempting to be) a big wave surfer. Granted, the waves were only six foot faces (plus) but I felt proud of myself as I paddled out with ease and got a few inside waves without getting thumped too hard. Perhaps this is my very problem -- that I do not like getting thumped too hard -- because this was the beginning of a swell that was to scare the shit out of me for the next week as I surfed Sydney and beyond.
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