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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hola de Ensenada

Heyyyy! I finally figured out what "new post" is in Spanish (accadecer, or something close to that), because apparently blogger changes languages when you go to another country. I hope it doesn't change to some obscure Polynesian language if/when we get there...

Anyway, we made it to Mexico! Orale! Of course, it only took about 10 hours (the beauty of leaving from San Diego), but it is a whole other world here. Everything seems to take a bit longer, but that's ok, we are not in much of a hurry.

As for the trip down, it was fairly boring, which is a good thing. We did see one whale (Mom thinks it was a blue whale but it could have been a Humpback or a Grey), we did not do much sailing. The seas were flat, and I think this was the first time in my life that I was genuinely stoked for there not to be any waves.

I am currently sitting on the aft deck praying to the internet gods (i.e. the tower up at the head of the dock) to not delete this post before I get it up on my page. Ensenada is a cute little city, somewhat of a mixture of Rosarito and Tijuana. Lots of raunchy bars with loud bass pulsing out of them, over-friendly vendors selling everything from panchos that say "Chargers" on them to glasswork and fish tacos. The Immigracion and Capitania del Puerto were charming, and it only took us about an hour to do the whole process (light-speed for Mexico), which included getting 6 month visas for the country (for the bargain price of $20!). Apparently they can be real assholes and keep you there for upwards of 8 hours, so we were lucky. We also have a mexican cell phone-- hit me up and tell me where the party at!! (I'll get you that number ASAP.)

This might be the (first and) last city we are in until we hit Cabo San Lucas, which is at the end of Baja, about 700 miles away. We will probably spend Christmas in some little remote cove down the coast. I am so happy not to have to shop for gifts for anybody, although I told mom and dad that I would wrap up some of the random crap I have in my cabin and give it to them.... they were not stoked on the idea. Mom said the only thing she would want of mine is my Xanax, and although I have yet the need to take one, there is not a chance in hell I would give those away.

I wish you all a preemptive merry Christmas and a late happy Hanukkah. Please send me emails and messages and funny comments so I still feel somewhat connected to the "real" world. Miss you all!



  1. Nice blogging Corie! With your obvious writing talent, perhaps being a stow-away on your blog will be just as exciting and much dryer than if I had tried to stow-away on Rutea. Can't wait for the next installment of our big adventure!

  2. Corie! Jess here checking in... Great blog so far!! This is so awesome, can't wait to hear more of your travels and thoughts!! Funny you should mention Ensenada- that's where my family vacationed- surfed, camped, fished, sailed- every summer, usually more than once, when we were kids!! We'd always go through town to "Tony's camp", which was a chunk of sand on the peninsula owned by a 75 yr old Russian named, well, Tony of course. In the 70s our parents friends used to fly down there in and land on the beach at low tide. They built up little shacks, set up tents, brought down beat up boats (if they were nice, people would steal them), and stocked up on liquor in Ensenada. Then us kids came along and they brought us down there every summer. We set up golf courses in the sand dunes, went "sandboarding" down the dunes on cardboard boxes, snuck into the parents special cooler, caught crabs and then cooked em ourselves, went surfing in 2-3 wind chop, got stung by jellyfish and stingrays, went windsailing at low tide, learned to skimboard, set off fireworks on the 4th of July... Well dude, thanks for letting me travel down memory lane... You probably don't want to hear what I did in Cabo in my high school days... or maybe you do lol ;)... Thinking of you buddy!!