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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moving Sucks

One of the things about being a History major is that we have a lot of books. Hella books. And while I love these books and refuse to sell them back to the university for an offensively low price, they are a pain in the ass to move. Most of them I will never read again, however, I am taking an ambitious stack on the boat with me. Some of them include Blood and Oil, A History of Life, Malcom X, Rome and the Italian Renaissance, and many of the other books I was assigned over the years in college but never got around to reading. This is my chance. Will (re)learning about the Franco-Prussian wars and the unification of Germany appeal to me as I stare into the aqua-blue, 75 degree waters of Mexico? I have no idea. But better safe than sorry, so I pack the German history text book in the "For the Boat" box.
Really, I am trying to be as conservative as possible with the things I intend to bring on the boat. Dad has already acquiesced to allowing me 2 surfboards on the boat (great success!!), my longboard- the budnana, and my bitchin' brand new short board-which I have yet to name. Mom already has her classical guitar on board, and I have decided to bring my steel-string guitar, one, because we are going to start a family rock band, and two, because...well... I love that guitar. The skateboard is still up for debate. In the way of clothes, well, let's just say I am not planning on wearing too many. Bathing suit and boardshorts all day every day!
However, I am not in warm water yet (the good kind). I am still in Santa Cruz; the books are still on the bookshelf; a pile of finals wait to be graded. The water is cold but the surf is good.

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