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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Moby Dick stylee

I was just sitting down to write another eloquent blog entry (ok, I'll admit it, I was on Facebook) when the boat was jarred by something from below. Not a good sign. We all ran up on deck and found a seal trying to get on board to find a nice, safe place to sleep for the night. Fortunately we have high freeboard (tall sides) so it could not get on board, and Dad has resumed preparing fish tacos and I decided to blog about it.

Fish tacos! The first of our trip, thanks to my (and mostly Dad's) fishing expertise. On the way from Turtle Bay to Bahia Asuncion we put a line in the water because there was tons of activity in the water: huge schools of fish, pods of dolphins, and I am sure much more that I could not see. After an hour or so the reel started to spin, and being the totally inadequate fisherwoman I am, I started yelling that we caught a fish but failed to do anything about it. Although (eventually) I did reel it in most of the way, when the 15lb Yellowtail started flopping around on the deck, I realized how ridiculously scary fish are. I mean, in the water, fine. But when they are struggling for their lives (and this probably goes for all living creatures), they are quite ferocious. Dad killed it and then went below to change into proper clothes to filet a fish in, and I was supposed to watch it to make sure it didn't go anywhere (fish still flop when they are "dead"). When it started flopping I screamed and screamed (for reals). I finally got up the courage to step on it so it would not flop off the deck and waste a life for nothing. We have a great picture of it and I totally look like a savage (in both the connotative and denotative senses of the word). If the internet behaves tonight I will try to post it and a few more. That was the most exciting part of the day, and I promise that if I catch another fish I will not write about it in such detail next time. Unless it is a really great story.

The rest of the day was much less eventful, but we got to sail (finally!)-- the first time on the trip so far! Normally the wind down the outside of Baja sweeps down from the northwest, and today it did, but until today we have had southwesterly winds. While the air is still cold (57), the water is slowly starting to warm up (63). I know in a few weeks time I will be wishing for some cool breezes but right now I can't wait to get into that 80 degrees weather!

Stay warm my friends, fish tacos beckon.

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  1. Wow Corie you are like a real sailor jane! Killing huge fish and stuff! I cracked up when I read about the seal wanting to come aboard! Poor little guy just wanted to kick it. Im glad you guys have made it to Cabo, that place is fun. r you going to snorkel or do any lame-o tourist shit? You should at least do some shots of tequila :) We miss you here, I hope that your weather is better than ours. Rain rain rain all day!! I just got back from Virginia though where it was snowing and freeeeeezing. Very pretty though. I had to meet the parentals of Miss Kendra. Super fun family. Anyways have fun with your amazing lifestyle!